Fengshiyijia (Shanghai) Technology Co., Ltd., also known as BeeFunGame, is a game development and publishing company based in Shanghai, we are dedicated to creating exciting, creative and high quality gaming experiences. As a team of passionate and talented people, we bring together top talents in the game industry with extensive experience and expertise in game development, design and creativity.

At BeeFunGame, we believe that games are a unique art form that can captivate players' hearts through interactivity and storytelling. We value attention to detail and user experience, striving to create unforgettable game worlds for players.

Our core business includes:

Game Development: We have an excellent game development team proficient in various technologies and development tools. Whether it's mobile games, computer games, or console games, we are capable of developing stunning game titles based on client needs and market trends.

Game Publishing: In addition to our rich experience in game development, we have an extensive distribution network and channels. We have established partnerships with major platforms and publishers worldwide, allowing us to promote outstanding game titles to the global market and enable more players to enjoy fantastic gaming experiences.

Innovation and Research: BeeFunGame is committed to innovation and research in game technology. We closely follow the latest trends and technological advancements in the industry, continuously exploring new gameplay and creative ideas. We believe that innovation is the key to game success, and through ongoing research and practice, we aim to deliver even more exciting and captivating gaming experiences for players.

BeeFunGame, as a game development and publishing company, will continue to uphold the principles of innovation and excellence, striving to provide players with the best game titles and become a leading force in the gaming industry.